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At Scrintal, we are unlocking minds' creative potential

Writers of all kinds, researchers, journalists, business people, entrepreneurs… Simply creators... What they have in common is the underlying need to structure their ideas to think better so they can write and communicate better. This is an indisputable prerequisite to inspire others and teach them something different that can unlock new ways of thinking.

Yet today, creators work across several tools that cause them to lose their flow & concentration. They are unable to see their work, both the details and the big picture, at a glance. They end up spending more time doing mundane tasks instead of doing the creative.

We believe we can help millions of people get crystal clear in their thinking and connect more of their creative thoughts to create valuable knowledge, to be shared with others – by combining the powers of visual mind mapping with networked note-taking.

We’re on a mission to help folks enjoy the research, thinking and writing process more than they’ve ever experienced. Get the recognition they deserve.

We’re not building a second brain! We’re empowering your one and only brain with steroids – with no side effects.

Scrintal team

People First

We believe people make the brand! We make sure that anyone under the Scrintal umbrella feels valued as an individual, feels comfortable to voice their opinions, treat each other with respect and help each other.

Another ingredient of our “people first” mentality is empowering knowledge workers to maximise their creative potential.

We stare at our screens for 12+ hours a day. We want people to feel joy, not stress when building their knowledge base.

So we want to build an aesthetically beautiful, easy-to-use yet powerful product that makes everyone happy!

Bianca Pereira | Researcher
@bianca_oli_per ∙ 9 Dec

Got the opportunity to alpha test @Scrintal and I am LOVING IT!

It gives a visual power to link, organise and make sense of my notes that @obsdmd does not have. Seeing Scrintal and Obsidian working together would be a dream 😍

Featuring in the screenshot: the @OrbitModel

Karen Strong
@KarenMusings ∙ 13 Jan

Writer friends, I'm using @scrintal for organizing and plotting for Book 3. I've loved working with @oaertem and @EceThinks. Look forward to using the new features in the latest version. Hit me up if you're interested in using this tool.

Santi Younger
@SantiYounger ∙ Feb 15

Scrintal will be the next big think, I can see it coming

Ness Labs
@ness_labs ∙

Want to better collect & connect ideas? We talked to @EceThinks, @oaertem, @furkan3ayraktar from tool for thought @scrintal about:

• Why folders systems don't work

• The power of bi-directional links

• Setting up a digital Zettelkasten

• ...and more! 👇

Paco Cantero
@PacocanteroW ∙

The more I use @scrintal, the more I like it.

The best way I've found to get an abstract idea down to concrete points ready for action.

From the abstract to the concrete without suffering...

Each day less friction!

Love it!

Hank Quense
@hanque99 ∙

To summarize, Scrintal is (cliche alert!) a giant leap forward in productivity apps.

If you find the current crop of productivity apps lacking something, you may be another Scrintal user.

Billur Bektas
@BillurBektas ∙

Just started using @scrintal for the first time. I am preparing for a workshop and my mind was very chaotic. Mapping my ideas on @scrintal literally released some of my anxiety already so far 😂 I adored adding figures + pdfs on my note cards. Very useful!

@charlieslides ∙ Feb 16

And where better to start than a blank desk on @scrintal and some networked note-making!

Dave Graham
@davegraham ∙ Feb 2

awesome to get a view on the development of @scrintal today. Combining visual flow with trackability for taking notes, developing narratives, "building shit" is a winner. Another GREAT tool in the toolchest.

Anders (Andy) Sporring (69/100)
@AndersSporring ∙ Jan 25
Nashwa Ismail
@Nashwa_S_ Ismail ∙ Jul 2

Pleased to be part of the consultation team @scrintal- collaborative knowledge management system for researcher, PHD candidate, a creative, a student, or an entrepreneur. Well done @oaertem and your team in Stockholm 👏

@danielagduca ∙ Nov 19

really cool to see how @scrintal has made most use of #zettlekasten for academic writing

We built Scrintal on top
of 5 values



We assume we don’t have the answers to anything. The only way to find the right answers or even make credible assumptions is to be and remain curious about any-and-every-thing.

We foster a work environment in which everyone creates hypotheses, experiments new ways of doing things, documents the results and shares what they’ve learnt with the rest of the team.

There is no such thing as success or failure because there have been a dozen times when a so-called failure led to breakthrough. We live the experimental culture in product development, growth, marketing, literally in every aspect of our business.


Extreme Ownership

Every individual has a tremendous potential, a unique strength that deserves the chance to be revealed. By adopting an extreme ownership mentality, you become the CEO of your project or task.

We cultivate the feelings of responsibility and trust towards each other through owning what we promise to do. You leave your ego outside the door. Because at the end of the day, the overall success of the mission hence the company is more important than any individuals’ personal glory at Scrintal.



We don’t want to work in silos. When knowledge is encapsulated in blocks, the potential room for creativity gets limited. We involve as many people as possible in the process so their voices are heard. We keep everyone informed about all the significant decisions that are made.

If someone is not happy with a decision, has an objection or another idea, we encourage everyone to speak up their mind. We proactively set up meetings to solve any issues that might arise. Transparency is one of the key underlying principles that shape how we work.



We are founded by a team of three who moved to Sweden as immigrants, one as a PhD researcher, one a masters student and one as a software developer. We witnessed first hand how our differences bring the best out of us.

This will never stay as a buzzword at Scrintal – our growth plans will be heavily influenced by the diversity of our colleagues who come from different backgrounds and feel 100% welcomed here.



Where there is no trust, there is no relationship. We show our trust to each other not only by giving extreme ownership of projects, but more importantly via caring and respecting each others’ opinions. If there is a disagreement, we encourage everyone to support their arguments with data or examples. We draw a clear distinction between one's ideas and one’s self.


Ece Profile Picture
Has a PhD so she academically owns anyone. Holds the team together like a strong glue.
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from Ece.
Furkan Profile Picture
In love with Clojure yet still can be grumpy some days.
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on Clojure, Polylith, Software development and Scrintal.
Ersin Profile Picture
Claims he can code Facebook in one week if he isn’t distracted. Left a unicorn to build a new one 😎
Diana Profile Picture
Experiments hypotheses like a chemist, documents them like a lawyer. Always up for a chat!
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Sigge Profile Picture
The coding, photography and climbing guru ✌️
Philipp Profile Picture
Productivity enthusiast and the creator of the
Filip Profile Picture
Resident software sorcerer and all-around renaissance person with an insatiable appetite for learning.
Bengisu Profile Picture
Geeks about many things, a lego and puzzle hero, a workaholic in a healthy way, and a survivor of a Research Master.
Felix Profile Picture
Personal development enthusiast and developing hobby-PKM'er.

Feel joy, not stress, when working!

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