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At Scrintal, we are building the most intuitive way to uncover new knowledge.

Every day, we are given the opportunity to spend 86.400 seconds in any form we choose. We use the majority of this time unproductive at work or at school. 

Powerful Minimalism

As a community of learners, doers and researchers, we started Scrintal with just one goal. To build the simplest yet most intuitive platform to help you take command of your entire knowledge. Every day...

Scrintal Team

We always have the user in mind, because... Well, we use Scrintal!

One of our co-founders, Ece, spent days struggling to make sense of her knowledge mess when writing her PhD thesis. That was when the idea of Scrintal was born. Apparently reading 10 articles to write one paragraph, and getting lost in thoughts was… let’s say not fun!


What we are trying to do

We believe that everything in life is somehow connected. Our goal is to simplify the link between your mind and this complex pool of information. So that you can realise your full potential in uncovering new findings.


Would you like to join our team?

You don’t have to have the best grades or finish the best schools. Right attitude and hunger for learning triumphs over anything else. Interested in impacting thousands of people?

With just the right blend of enthusiasm in tech, design and science, we're building Scrintal for making life enjoyable for great minds.. 

With ❤️ from Stockholm,

Scrintal Team

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Nashwa Ismail
@Nashwa_S_ Ismail ∙ Jul 2

Pleased to be part of the consultation team @scrintal- collaborative knowledge management system for researcher, PHD candidate, a creative, a student, or an entrepreneur. Well done @oaertem and your team in Stockholm 👏

Bianca Pereira | Researcher
@bianca_oil_per ∙ Jul 23

Lovely to talk to the @scrintal team today!

A tool with potential to support researchers in synthesising their sources and their notes. #AcademicTwitter

Looking forward to test its integration as part of my knowledge management workflow.