Make. Thinking &  
Writing. Visual.

A web app that combines mind mapping with the power of networked note-taking. Organize & connect all your thoughts in one place.  As if Miro and Obsidian had a baby!

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Organize your brain
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Having trouble seeing all your thoughts at a glance ?

Are you tired of losing the context of your thinking and writing? Unable to see the details and the big picture in one place? Is it a pain not finding the relevant info you need?Not converting cluttered thoughts into organised and connected information? Experiencing writer’s block?

Want to write something? Or...

Brainstorm ideas? See and manage projects at a glance? Outline your thoughts? Design your research? Present findings? Plan your writing? Or tell any other story?

Free your visual thinking with Scrintal.

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Be more organized

Have a place to quickly put any-and-every-thing. Then, easily find & make sense of it later.

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Be more creative

We made mundane parts of writing quick & easy. So you can focus more on being creative and clear.

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Show your thinking

It’s one thing to state your mind. It’s another to back it up with solid reasoning for your conclusions.

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Keep your flow

Task-and-brain switching is a part of research. Scrintal makes it easy to keep your focus—at all times.

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Jump right in

No user manual & zero learning curve means you’ll be productive from the start. It’s that intuitive.

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Feel more joy

That’s what happens when using a single, well-organized tool for your research.

Using. Scrintal. Is Easy.

We're making Scrintal for research-minded folk to keep their flow & concentration. To go from stressed to refreshed. And from ‘ah shit’ to ‘I got this.’ Everything you need in a single tool.



Take atomic notes by using the Zettelkasten method. Expand them if you like focus mode. Build your visual knowledge base through an interconnected web of thoughts.


Create bi-directional connections between your thoughts. Group familiar notes with tags. Create networked outlines. Build your own web of knowledge. Scale as you grow.


Visually organize any-and-every-thing. Use an infinite canvas to spread your notes. See how your ideas talk to each other. Zoom in & out to see the details or get the big picture.


Export findings & insights into standard formats. Or into other tools that you use. Present and share with others. Get quick feedback. Integrate into your workflow with ease.

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Nashwa Ismail
@Nashwa_S_ Ismail ∙ Jul 2

Pleased to be part of the consultation team @scrintal- collaborative knowledge management system for researcher, PHD candidate, a creative, a student, or an entrepreneur. Well done @oaertem and your team in Stockholm 👏

Bianca Pereira | Researcher
@bianca_oil_per ∙ Jul 23

Lovely to talk to the @scrintal team today!

A tool with potential to support researchers in synthesising their sources and their notes. #AcademicTwitter

Looking forward to test its integration as part of my knowledge management workflow.