Transforming how we think, create, study and research

“I stopped using software products, because nothing is more flexible than pen and paper.”

We heard this over and over again, every time we talked to a researcher, PhD candidate, a creative, student, or an entrepreneur.

When we asked the “why”, similar answers were raised. “It is time consuming to learn new tools” or “each software pushes for a certain way how I should work and I feel constrained.”

It was astonishing how everyone associated creating, studying, working and doing research with feeling stressed and anxious.

And we have really listened.

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Nashwa Ismail
@Nashwa_S_ Ismail ∙ Jul 2

Pleased to be part of the consultation team @scrintal- collaborative knowledge management system for researcher, PHD candidate, a creative, a student, or an entrepreneur. Well done @oaertem and your team in Stockholm 👏

Bianca Pereira | Researcher
@bianca_oil_per ∙ Jul 23

Lovely to talk to the @scrintal team today!

A tool with potential to support researchers in synthesising their sources and their notes. #AcademicTwitter

Looking forward to test its integration as part of my knowledge management workflow.