Product updates

Advancing Visual Thinking

  • Performance improvements
  • Smarter desk and board UX remembering where you last worked
  • Ability to search in cards
  • See where your cards are used across your knowledge base

Spotlight Search

  • Search cards & boards in one place
  • New linking feature: card to board connection
  • Enhanced linking dropdown with more details
  • Thumbnails on public boards
  • Improvements in tag filters
  • Usability and shortcut improvements

Import Markdown Archives

  • Import Markdown archives to Scrintal
  • Introducing daily cards
  • Emoji support

Share your Knowledge Visually

  • Publicly share your board via URL
  • Export individual notes in Markdown or PDF format
  • Scrintal users sharing how they use Scrintal

Combining Visual Thinking and Knowledge Management

• Save your desk: introducing the Boards!

• Move blocks in cards

• Drag & drop or copy-paste any file

Taking Visual Thinking to the Next Level

• Attach PDF files to cards

• Youtube, Vimeo and Twitter links embedding

• Adding images to cards

• Adding colour to cards

• Selecting multiple cards on desk and tagging

• Block quote formatting

• Maximising cards to write longer forms

Version 2 is out!

• New Feature: Tags

• Improvement: Desk

• Improvement: Easier way to Create Note Cards

• Improvement: Search

• Improvement: Link creation

First Batch Onboarded!

• Alpha version of our visual notebook is ready

• 1–1 onboarding with our first batch of alpha testers

• Analysis of tester's feedback

Dashboard, Media & Documents

• Dashboard principle

• Iterated dashboard principle

• Focus Mode

• Overlay Mode

• Media and document handling principle

Backend & UI

• UI updates

• Backend endpoint implementations

Backend, Process & Learnings

• Backend endpoint implementations

• Board related endpoints in the backend

• Added create/update/delete and add/remove annotations endpoints

• Adding connection endpoints

• Insights from our process and learnings

Database & Feedback

• Deciding on a database architecture

• How our team collected user feedback

Designing Scrintal Beta

• Start of the User Journey

• Media and Document Handling

• Canvas

• Dashboard

• Search