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Scrintal is a GDPR-conscious automated transcription and analysis tool created by researchers where functionality, simplicity and design meet to serve academia.

Trusted by academics

Researchers from the most prestigious universities are saving hours by transcribing their interviews with Scrintal.

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University of Vienna
Istanbul Bilgi University
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Key challenges in research

There is much pressure on researchers and PhD students to publish more papers, get cited more and of course to get more funding. But qualitative research takes time and current practices do not ease the situation.

Losing the context

It can be difficult to easily find key themes in a text when the researcher needs to revisit data after a period of time

Coordinating large teams

Productivity is significantly lower when a team of 2 or more runs a research project simultaneously or across geographies

Slow process

Every hour lost due to slow transcription and analysis leads to 10x increase delays in research paper dissemination rate

What differentiates Scrintal?

GDPR emphasis

We know how important sensitive data is to researchers and take necessary measures to keep their data safe.

Ease of use

Simplicity is key! We only integrate features that researchers need and suggest to keep the interface clean.

Simultaneous collaboration

Large teams can transcribe, highlight and exchange notes seamlessly in a shared workspace.
Scrintal editor

Simplify the research process

Thanks to the advancements in speech-to-text technologies, there are minimal differences between different automated transcription tools. What sets one tool apart from the others is its focus and how it makes it simpler to edit the text.

Scrintal text editor

Follow the audio and edit easily

Each spoken word is highlighted to help you follow the context and make changes without losing focus. You can adjust speaker speed as you wish.

Change speaker names with one click

Once you type in the name of speakers, you can add new ones with one click instead of retyping all over again.

Highlight key points and add notes

Pinpoint quotes or text pieces for coding and avoid wasting time to find them next time you visit the audio.

You can read more about GDPR related initiatives on our security page.

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Happy researchers

We are thrilled to hear that almost 60% of our current users gave Scrintal a try because it was recommended by their colleagues and other researchers.

Transcribing interviews is one of the most tedious but also important tasks of the qualitative researcher. Scrintal provided a good transcription quality and an intuitive and collaborative interface to edit transcriptions which greatly eases the burden of transcribing interviews.

Andreas Werr

Andreas Werr

Professor & Head of Management and Organization Department
Stockholm School of Economics

Our research project involved quite an extensive number of interviews which needed to be transcribed fast due to grant deadlines - Scrintal helped our team of 8 work simultaneously thanks to its collaboration feature which was a game-changer. Scrintal team was extremely responsive and helpful whenever we had any issues.

Faruk Ceylan

Faruk Ceylan

Research Assistant, Istanbul Bilgi University

I randomly came across with Scrintal and was very pleasantly surprised with the simple and easy to use interface of the platform. As someone interested in qualitative research, I really liked the fact that they offer data processing agreements before taking any action.

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Sarah Carvalho

PhD student at University of Mainz

If time is an issue, we also help qualitative researchers edit their transcripts.

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