Our Story

Every day, we are given an opportunity to spend 86.400 seconds in any form we choose. At Scrintal, our vision is to free up that precious time of yours from manually transcribing and analyzing any audio or video recording. So, you get to spend your time on things that matter. May it be a project that excites you or having a coffee with a friend whose laughter gives you positive energy.

Everything we do is to simplify life

Scrintal was born with a goal to make life easier for those who transcribe hours of voice and help them reach robust conclusions fast and simple.

We always have the user in mind, because... Well, we also use Scrintal!

One of our co-founders literally spent days doing manual transcription when writing her Ph.D. thesis which is when the idea came up. Apparently converting 2500 hours of audio to text was… let’s say not fun - not to mention the analysis afterward! 

We truly know how this trivial task feels and hope that Scrintal can have a meaningful impact on your life by optimizing your valuable and limited time.

With just the right blend of enthusiasm in tech, design and science, we're building Scrintal for the future. 

With ❤️ from Stockholm,
Scrintal Team