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Interviews made easy

Transcribe, edit and analyze. Created by researchers, Scrintal is more than audio and video transcription. We help you save countless productive hours.

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Take control of your time

Using Scrintal is more than just transcribing interviews. AI-powered first draft gives you a kick-start for you to edit it to perfection. Collaborate with your team for analysis.

Save up to 5 hours per interview

Edit your transcript and extract what you need in less time than it would take to manually transcribe.

Improve productivity and research quality

Transcribing and analyzing interviews quickly allows you to identify the best questions in between interviews.

Use a single platform for your research

Complete your research in Scrintal. Store, transcribe, analyze, and collaborate in one platform.

Analyze & extract important insights

Seamless analysis

Highlight keywords in different colors and add notes. Search for keywords in audio easily.

Easy editing

Correct transcript easily as each word in audio is simultaneously highlighted in the text editor.

Instant exporting

Export the final version of your work to a variety of formats.
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Scrintal for teams

Simple organization

Organize all your interviews and transcripts under relevant projects and invite your team.

Real-time collaboration

Work in real-time with your team members to speed up your research.

Comments & feedback

Add comments and receive team feedback. Seamless teamwork in one platform.
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High security platform

Only you have access to your data. Scrintal is built by researchers whose top priority is data security, ethical storage, processing and share of data.

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GDPR compliant

Scrintal has rigorous GDPR compliance, and we offer Data Processing Agreement to each user.

Strong encryption

No one reads your data. Scrintal encrypts all data using the industry-standard AES 256.

Secure payments

We use SSL encryption and PCI DSS certified payment processor for buyers’ security.

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